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Printstar takes a phased approach to publishing that includes numerous steps. While almost all of these steps overlap at some point, it is helpful to present an ordinal view of some of the processes involved in producing a professionally managed publication:


Manuscript review and comment


Designer meeting(s) for cover and interior


Editor meeting(s)




Initial design approval


Editing review


Design and illustration review


Initial layout


First round of approvals and modifications


Second round of approvals and modifications


Third round of approvals and modifications


Final proofing


Sign off on designer proofs


Sign off on printer proofs



This is a simplified list of some of the highlights of the publication process. Behind the scenes it is also necessary to manage the nuts and bolts of the publication process, be it registrations and copyrights, or issues of taxation and distribution.

The entire process typically takes six to nine months. This may seem like a long time; however, it is not uncommon for a royalty publisher to take one to two years to bring a manuscript to market. With Printstar the publication process can be a great deal of fun; it is a time for creative ingenuity and an accelerated learning curve that can eliminate years of DIY frustration. As long as the author has a realistic expectation of the timing involved and an implicit understanding that an enduring product requires careful development, the process is a joy!

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