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Publishers with a passion for great books. Printstar is a custom self-publisher assisting authors to take the first steps toward a track-record of book sales, a key factor in future success. Printstar produces only the highest-quality publications employing professional editing, illustration, cover and text design. We listen to our authors' stories, read and re-read their manuscripts and work side by side to provide them with personalized service and creative support. Every author, every work is different; we listen and discern the style, focus and uniqueness of each. Assembling a team of professionals specific to each project,  Printstar affords painstaking detail to each aspect of the publication process, producing works of the very highest quality. Printstar can begin at any stage of book production and take it to its final form. With our participatory approach, we have helped many local authors and organizations create publications they are proud to call their own.  

We are not...

A subsidy or royalty press. Unlike subsidy and royalty publishers, with Printstar the author or organization is responsible for the cost associated with publishing their manuscript, thereby retaining full rights to their intellectual property and the finished product. The venture cost is born by the author and they retain all the profits.

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Our authors to thoroughly educate themselves on the publishing process and the numerous options now available in the internet age. However, if you seek the kind of hands-on support and guidance that only a personal relationship with your publisher can achieve, we encourage you to contact us. Located in Milwaukee, we are committed to the success of Wisconsin authors.

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